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Yes, that is right, Be-stitched is closing it's online store.

Almost twelve years ago, Bruce and I opened Be-stitchedstore. We had no idea what an amazing trip it would be! It’s been a joy and a trial at times, lots of fun and lots of work. And we’ve met so many wonderful people! We’ve loved serving you!

But all things must come to an end, and so we are closing the store. We’ve aged a bit and our health is just not permitting us to continue.

We will keep our Facebook page and the Be-stitched site, and all the patterns will still be available. I hope to continue to design patterns, and will put them on the Be-stitched site as I get them done, which will be less than monthly. Creating a monthly pattern has been challenging and difficult, and I will be scaling back. Some patterns will be free, and others will be available for sale.

Here’s the good news for you—we will be liquidating our stock, so you have a chance to save big!

The sale begins on Monday, November 14. I will send you more details in a day or two. The discount will be lower at first, but as the sale progresses, the discounts will get bigger! Plus, we’ll have prizes as we go along, and the final prizes are awesome!

I will be sending you email twice a week (possibly more) for the duration of the sale so you know what’s happening.

Once the store is closed, any email notifications that I send will come from either Facebook or the Be-stitched site. So if you’d like to know when a new pattern comes out, or to see what I’m up to, please either “like” my Facebook page, or sign up at the Be-stitched site. I will have more information on how to sign up at Be-stitched later.